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Weather Report

For January 2010

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January 2010


January was a very cold month all over the country, some places had snow for weeks, and most days had very low temperatures.

Temperatures for January were much below the average, with the mean min/max temperature being almost 3C Below average. 14 air frosts occured, with many other minimum temperatures below 1C. For the first 10 days there was an air frost everyday. The lowest recorded temperature was -5.9C which occured during the early hours on the 5th. The temperature also dropped below -5C during 3 other nights. During the first 10 days we only recorded 2 maximums above 5C, and on the 10th the temperature only just above freezing, at 0.4C.
During the middle of the month the temperature then increased, and we even got some temperatures into double figures, this was short lived as temperatures fell again during the last part of the month.

As well as low temperatures snow also fell, which for Cornwall doesn't happen that often. The first snowfall occured on the night of the 5th/6th, I measured about 3.0cm of lying snow. More snow fell the following day (2.5cm of fresh snowfall). The snow then stayed around for days, hardly melting at all, due to low daytime temperatures (even with the sun shining on it all day), and a low due point. This was followed by a further snowfall a couple of days later on the 10th (3.0cm of fresh snowfall). So in total 8.5cm of snow fell over 3 days. Snow was lying on the ground from the 6th to the 12th.
On the 12th the snow all melted away due to a whole day of rain, in which a total of 25.0mm of rain was recorded, which was the most rainfall in a single day during the month. In total it rained for 24 days, most of which were only short sharp showers recording less than a millimeter. Some of it was also snow that had been sitting on the rain gauge melting and being recorded.

Quite a high pressure value of 1040.0mb was recorded on the 28th of January.

The wind came mostly from a North Westerly direction (10 days), which bought in the cool arctic air. The maximum gust was 38.7mph recorded on the 16th. The first day of the month was extreamly calm with barly any wind all day, and a wind run of just 6.2 Miles. However the windiest day was the 29th with 227.0 Miles of wind passing though the station. The lowest windchill temperature was -6.7C recorded during the night on the 08th.

The snow created some interesting Timelapse videos and webcam images, which can be viewed here: Timelapse Videos, January Webcam Image Archive.

Monthly Highs and Lows:

Daily Highs and Lows for January can be found here: January 2010 Monthly Summary

Max:10.7 C (15th)
Min: -5.9 C (05th)
Mean Max: 6.65 C1.8C Below average
Mean Min: -0 C3.8C Below average
Mean Temp: 3.33 C2.8C Below average
Air Frosts: 14
Highest Min: 6.0 C (18th)
Lowest Max: 0.4 C (10th)
Dew Point:
Max: 9.6 C (16th)
Min: -8.7 C (05th)
Max: 93 % (16th)
Min: 50 % (01st)
Max: 1041.0 mb (26th)
Min: 991.9 mb (12th)
Max Gust: 38.7 mph - SE (16th)
Dominante Direction: NW (10 Days)
Wind Run: 2092.4 Miles
Windiest Day: 29th (227.0 Miles)
Calmest Day: 01st (6.2 Miles)
Min Windchill: -6.7 C (08th)
Total Rainfall 102.1 mm85.2% of Average
Rain days: 24
Wettest Day: 12th (25.0 mm)
Highest Rain Rate: 10.8 mm/hr (03rd)
Total Snowfall8.5 cm
Days with snowfall: 3
Days with lying snow:6

Graphs are produced by Weather Underground, where our data is also sent (Station ID: lCORNWAL26)

Monthly Highs and Lows:

Daily Highs and Lows for January can be found here: January 2010 Monthly Summary


For January 2010

Records for the Period 01st Jan 2010 to 31st Jan 2010 - 31 Days.

Max10.7 °C15th Jan 2010
Min-5.9 °C05th Jan 2010
Lowest Max0.4 °C10th Jan 2010
Highest Min6.0 °C18th Jan 2010
Lowest Windchill-6.7 °C08th Jan 2010

Range16.6 °C
Average3.6 °C-3 °C from Avg
Average High6.7 °C-2.5 °C from Avg
Average Low0.0 °C-4.1 °C from Avg

Max Temperatures (°C):

< -5 -4 - 0 0 - 4 5 - 9 10 - 14 15 - 19 20 - 24 > 25
0 0 9 14 8 0 0 0

Min Temperatures (°C):

< -5 -4 - 0 0 - 4 5 - 9 10 - 14 15 - 19 20 - 24 > 25
4 10 13 4 0 0 0 0

Dew Point:
Max9.6 °C16th Jan 2010
Min-8.7 °C05th Jan 2010
Max93 %16th Jan 2010
Min50 %01st Jan 2010

Average Dew Point1.0 °C
Average Humidity83.8 %

Max1041.0 mb26th Jan 2010
Min991.9 mb12th Jan 2010

Average1014.9 mb
Max Gust38.7 mph16th Jan 2010
Max Speed19.7 mph12th Jan 2010

Avg Wind Speed2.9 mph
Total Windrun2092.4 miles
Highest Windrun227.0 miles29th Jan 2010
Lowest Windrun6.2 miles01st Jan 2010

Wind Directions:
0 0 0 0 0 2 2 3 1 0 1 0 2 2 10 8

Total Rainfall102.1 mm90 % of Avg
Days with Rainfall24 Days
Highest Daily Rainfall25.0 mm12th Jan 2010
Max Rain Rate10.8 mm/hr03rd Jan 2010

Max Hourly Rainfall0.0 mm31st Jan 2010
Max Consec' Wet Days12 Days18 Jan 2010 - 29 Jan 2010
Max Consec' Dry Days3 Days08 Jan 2010 - 10 Jan 2010

Total Snowfall8.5 cm
Days with Snowfall3 Days
Highest Daily Snowfall3.0 cm06th Jan 2010

Rain Amounts:
> 0.2 mm > 1.0 mm > 5.0 mm > 10.0 mm > 20.0 mm
24 14 6 2 1

Days With
Fog Hail Thunder Snow Falling Snow Lying
0 0 0 0 0



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