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Weather Report

For October 2010

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October 2010 had average temperatures, slightly below average rainfall.

The first part of October was rather wet and unsettled, this was followed a period of sunny and calm weather before turning unsettled again towards the end of the month.

Temperatures for October were about average for the time of year. The mean maximum ended at 14.75C just 0.6C above average. The mean minimum ended at 8.38C which was 0.7C below average. and the overall mean ended at 11.56C which is on average.

The maximum temperature was 20.6C recorded on the 11th, whilst the minimum was just 1.6C recorded on the 21st which was followed by a frosty morning. It was also the lowest temperature since April.

The first part was dominated by low pressure bringing lots of cloud, wind and rain. An area of high pressure then moved in keeping conditions settled and dry with alot of sunshine. However this wasn't to last another area of low pressure moved in during the last third of the month yet again bringing cloudy, windy and wet weather to the UK.

October was a rather month and a total windrun of 3478.8 was recorded, which is the highest windrun since July. Some quite high gusts were recorded during the first and third parts of the month due to low pressure. A few gusts reached 30mph plus, with two even reaching over 40mph. A gust of 41.2 mph was recorded on the 5th, and an even higher gust of 43.4 mph was recorded on the 29th. The Highest gust since July. Nearby Culdrose recorded a gust of 50 mph on the same day.

October had less than its average amount of rainfall, with 89.8 mm(83% of Average) falling in the month. The wettest day was the 3rd on which 31.6mm of rain were recorded. At the start of the month there were nine consecutive days with rain - 1st to 8th, followed by eight days without rain - 9th to 17th, thanks to high pressure system being close to the UK. Which is the longest dry period since June.

Monthly Highs and Lows:

Daily Highs and Lows for October can be found here: October 2010 Monthly Summary


For October 2010

Records for the Period 01st Oct 2010 to 31st Oct 2010 - 31 Days.

Max20.6 °C11th Oct 2010
Min1.6 °C21st Oct 2010
Lowest Max11.8 °C15th Oct 2010
Highest Min15.2 °C08th Oct 2010
Lowest Windchill1.6 °C21st Oct 2010

Range19 °C
Average11.5 °C-0.3 °C from Avg
Average High14.7 °C+0.3 °C from Avg
Average Low8.4 °C-0.8 °C from Avg

Max Temperatures (°C):

< -5 -4 - 0 0 - 4 5 - 9 10 - 14 15 - 19 20 - 24 > 25
0 0 0 0 18 12 1 0

Min Temperatures (°C):

< -5 -4 - 0 0 - 4 5 - 9 10 - 14 15 - 19 20 - 24 > 25
0 0 6 17 7 1 0 0

Dew Point:
Max17.0 °C08th Oct 2010
Min-1.6 °C21st Oct 2010
Max99 %31st Oct 2010
Min45 %11th Oct 2010

Average Dew Point9.4 °C
Average Humidity87.9 %

Max1029.5 mb25th Oct 2010
Min986.9 mb03rd Oct 2010

Average1012.7 mb
Max Gust43.4 mph29th Oct 2010
Max Speed25.9 mph29th Oct 2010

Avg Wind Speed4.6 mph
Total Windrun3478.8 miles
Highest Windrun347.1 miles29th Oct 2010
Lowest Windrun10.8 miles14th Oct 2010

Wind Directions:
5 0 10 0 0 0 1 0 9 0 2 0 3 0 1 0

Total Rainfall89.8 mm85.5 % of Avg
Days with Rainfall18 Days
Highest Daily Rainfall31.6 mm03rd Oct 2010
Max Rain Rate49.0 mm/hr01st Oct 2010

Max Hourly Rainfall0.0 mm31st Oct 2010
Max Consec' Wet Days8 Days01 Oct 2010 - 08 Oct 2010
Max Consec' Dry Days9 Days09 Oct 2010 - 17 Oct 2010

Total Snowfall0.0 cm
Days with Snowfall0 Days
Highest Daily Snowfall0.0 cmN/A

Rain Amounts:
> 0.2 mm > 1.0 mm > 5.0 mm > 10.0 mm > 20.0 mm
17 10 5 2 1

Days With
Fog Hail Thunder Snow Falling Snow Lying
0 0 0 0 0



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