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Hourly Summary for 14 September 2017

This data is updated hourly at 10 minutes past each hour.

Time Temp Dew Point Humidity Pressure Wind Wind Dir Gust Rain Rate Rain Total WX Icon WX Text
00:00No Report Mostly Cloudy
01:00No Report Few Clouds
02:00No Report Partly Cloudy
03:00No Report Few Clouds
04:00No Report Few Clouds
05:00No Report Few Clouds
06:00No Report Few Clouds
07:00No Report Partly Cloudy
08:00No Report Partly Cloudy
09:00No Report Partly Cloudy
10:00No Report Partly Cloudy
11:00No Report Partly Cloudy
12:00No Report Mostly Cloudy
13:00No Report Partly Cloudy
14:00No Report Partly Cloudy
15:00No Report Partly Cloudy
16:00No Report Partly Cloudy
17:00No Report Partly Cloudy
18:00No Report Few Clouds
19:00No Report Few Clouds
20:00No Report Partly Cloudy
21:00No Report Few Clouds
22:00 11.4 11.3 99 1018.1 4.4
6.0 0.0 0.8 Few Clouds
23:00 11.2 11.1 99 1018.1 4.4
5.4 0.0 0.8 N/A N/A


This is a private weather station, never base important decisions or events on data from this weather station. Although every effort has been made to make the data as accurate as possible it does not meet MetOffice standards. It is proved as a guide of local weather conditions. We accept no liability for any loss which may arise from use of the data.

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