Dew Point - Is temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and can no longer hold anymore water vapour. This is when dew forms on surfaces.

Heat Index - Is the temperature the body feels when heat and humidity are combined.

Humidity- Is the amount of moisture in the air. It expressed as a percentage of how much moisture the air can hold at the current air temperature.

Rain Rate - Is a measurement of the intensity of rainfall, and is the amount of rain that would fall over a given period of time if the rainfall intensity were constant over that time period.

Windchill - Is the apparent temperature felt on exposed skin due to wind, the windchill depends on the air temperature and the strength of the wind.

Wind Run - This is the amount of wind passing through the station at given period of time. We measure it in Miles.
For example if there was constant wind of 10 mph for 2 hours the wind run will be 20 miles.




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