Website Updates

2019-12-17 Our twitter feed is now working again!
2019-10-16 Fixed METAR Data page.
2019-04-12 Webcam temporarily repositioned due to scaffolding.
2018-09-10 Youtube channel created for past Timelapse Videos.
2017-07-26 Replaced recent timelapse video player with HTML5 version. Rather than Flash.
2017-04-25 Extremes are now using correct regions again.
2016-03-23 Added February 2016 Weather Report.
2016-02-05 Added January 2016 Weather Report.
2016-01-05 Added December 2015 Weather Report.
2015-12-20 Updated Metar Reports Page. Added MetOffice Observations Page.
2015-12-03 Added November 2015 Weather Report.
2015-11-20 Added October 2015 Weather Report.
2015-09-13 Added August 2015 Weather Report.
2015-02-06 Added January 2015 Weather Report.
2015-01-11 Added December 2014 Weather Report.
2014-12-07 Added November 2014 Weather Report.
2014-11-06 Added October 2014 Weather Report.
2014-10-23 Mobile Version added
2014-10-20 Added September 2014 Weather Report.
2014-09-25 Added August 2014 Weather Report.
2014-08-22 Added July 2014 Weather Report.
2014-07-17 Added June 2014 Weather Report.
2014-06-23 Added May 2014 Weather Report.
2014-05-17 Added April 2014 Weather Report.
2014-05-17 Updated the rain radar page to replace images no longer updating.
2014-04-22 Added March 2014 Weather Report.
2014-04-22 Weather data is being sent to Twitter once again after updating our Cumulus software.
2014-03-25 Added February 2014 Weather Report.
2014-02-18 Added Metar Reports Page.
2014-01-15 Added December 2013 Weather Report.
2013-12-10 Added November 2013 Weather Report.
2013-11-06 Added October 2013 Weather Report.
2013-10-04 Added September 2013 Weather Report.
2013-09-10 Added August 2013 Weather Report.
2013-08-01 Added July 2013 Weather Report.
2013-07-02 Added June 2013 Weather Report.
2013-06-08 Added May 2014 Weather Report.
2013-05-08 Loss of internet connection due to fault on line from 00:00 to 14:35. All data collected during this time has been uploaded.
2013-05-06 Added April 2013 Weather Report.
2013-04-06 Added March 2013 Weather Report.
2013-03-01 Added February 2013 Weather Report.
2013-02-01 Added January 2013 Weather Report.
2013-01-08 Joined the European Weather Network at
2013-01-01 Added December 2012 Weather Report.
2012-12-01 Added November 2012 Weather Report.
2012-11-21 Our MetOffice Weather Warnings RSS feed is now working again.
2012-11-04 Added October 2012 Weather Report.
2012-10-03 Added September 2012 Weather Report.
2012-09-04 Updated Astronomy Page.

Added Updated Detailed Astronomy Page.

2012-09-02 Added August 2012 Weather Report.
2012-08-01 Added July 2012 Weather Report.

We are now on Twitter and Facebook.
2012-07-04 Added June 2012 Weather Report.
2012-06-23 Added more webcam images to the gallery, which is now up to date.
2012-06-06 Added new pages for Yearly Dew Point, Humidity and Wind Run Data.

Weather data is now uploaded and updated throughout the current day rather than waiting till after midnight for the data to appear on the tables.

2012-03-28 Website suspended between approx 12:35 and 15:20, no data loss.
2012-03-11 A best of Timelapse gallery is now up, more videos will be added to it soon.

The monthly webcam image galleries now use a slideshow to view the images.
And the daily images can also be viewed in slideshow form with a link to it on the archive pages.

2012-03-10 Timelapse videos for the past 7 days can now be watched here including the current days video.

A best of gallery will be added shortly.

2012-03-04 Updated the Today timelapse viewing page. Videos are now converted into mp4 format, and a flash player is now used, so there is no need to download separate plugins.
2012-02-22 Added
Yearly Wind Data Page.
Seasonal Pressure Data Page.
Seasonal Wind Data Page.
2012-02-14 Added Yearly Pressure Data Page.

The site should now load quicker, the counter was slowing the site down.

2012-01-01 Added Graph Archives Page.
2011-12-31 Added a new menu, some browsers were having problems with the old one.
2011-12-22 Added Trends page.
2011-12-10 Added Seasonal Data Pages:
2011-11-27 Added new graphs:

Last Hour, Last 24 Hours, Last 48 Hours, Last Week, This Month, This Season, This Year

And New record pages:

Daily Records, Monthly Records

2011-11-15 Site was down for a few hours due to a problem with the Webhost's equipment, causing their network to go down. New equipment is now being used.

Thanks goes to Krystal Hosting for quickly resolving the problem!

2011-11-13 Updated Top 10 Page, you can filter the records by Month, Year and Season.
2011-11-04 Added Metar Data Page,
2011-10-31 All records pages have been improved, Seasonal records have now been added too.
2011-10-29 News page updated.
All news will be recorded there. Latest 3 stories will be shown on front page.
2011-10-27 Updated:
- Monthly Summary
- Yearly Summary

- Monthly Comparision
- Seasonal Summary
- Seasonal Detail
- Seasonal Comparision
- Yearly Comparision

2011-10-20 Rainfall averages now use data for Camborne from 1981 - 2010.
- Monthly Rainfall and Temperature data is now available.
2011-10-09 Added Daily Rainfall Data page.
2011-10-06 Added Daily Temperature Data page.
2011-10-04 New Front page added.

Weather Updates

2012-11-22 New Record for all time High Gust - 59.7 mph
2012-01-03 New all time high Wind gust of 56.0 mph.
2011-11-29 New All time high wind gust of 54.2 mph recorded.
2011-10-23 New Record for all time High Gust - 48.9 mph

Weather Station Updates

2019-11-24 New HD Webcam purchased.
2017-04-06 New webcam online!
2013-02-21 Loss of power between 13:23 and 14:15. No webcam images taken during this time, weather data recorded every 5 minutes during this time.
2012-07-21 The replacement webcam is now online, the image is also sharper.
2012-07-20 Last night the webcam stopped being detected, attempts to repair it were unsucessful. A replacement has been ordered, and it should be up tomorrow at some point.
2011-12-09 Webcam image is now working again.
2011-12-05 The Weather Station has been running for 2 years today!
2011-11-29 No Power between approx 5:00 and 10:30, during this period data was only recorded every 30 minutes on the station console.
2011-11-26 Humidity readings are now more accurate, as I have replaced the sensor.
2011-11-17 Weather station was taken offline between 12:35 and 16:30 to make a few changes, during this the Wind vane, and anemometer were accidentally broken, however my spare has been put up. as a result no data was recorded for this period.

The webcam is also working properly again after yesterdays frozen images.




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